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  • 新英格蘭TATTERSALLS復古輕奢風精品酒店設計

    Armidale是一個鄉村小鎮,曾是淘金熱的聚居地,位于新南威爾士州的新英格蘭地區,是翻新過的Tattersalls酒店的所在地。該建筑始建于1854年,1884年更名為Tattersalls。酒店設計師Luchetti Krelle通過廣泛的翻新和振興,利用了遺產結構的原始曲線和木材細節,復興了鍍金歷史的銅綠,尊重了酒店華麗的藝術裝飾的過去。Luchetti Krelle的創意總監斯圖爾特?克瑞爾(Stuart Krelle)表示:“我們想要營造一種奢華的基調,既傳達了奢華和富裕的感覺,又沒有不必要的裝飾。”下面就跟隨專業精品酒店設計公司勃朗設計小編一起來欣賞吧! 

    Armidale is a rural town that was once a gold rush settlement in New England, NSW, and the site of the renovated tattersalls hotel. The building was built in 1854 and renamed tattersalls in 1884. Hotel designer Luchetti krelle, through extensive renovation and revitalization, has made use of the original curves and wood details of the heritage structure, revived the bronze of the gilded history, and respected the past of the hotel's gorgeous art decoration. Stuart krelle, creative director of Luchetti krelle, said: "we want to create a luxury tone that conveys the feeling of luxury and affluence without unnecessary decoration." Let's follow the professional boutique hotel design company Blanc Design Co., Ltd. to enjoy it!





    Active geometric patterns run through the public and private spaces of the hotel, and lucatti clay has worked with the Brington carpet to design carefully. Other customization elements include tubular glass and brass chandeliers mixed with chandeliers, candlesticks and antique lights. The oak flower decoration is arranged on the floor of the multi-functional hall, while the back lit brass herringbone panel makes the marble and travertine main bar lively. Brass V-shaped joinery refers to the winding art form of decoration, making curved arch doorways, mirrors and embedded shelves throughout the hotel.





    The concept of decorative art is further enhanced by the notch edge on the dining-room bench and the round edge at the head of each bed. Rooms are streamlined and elegant, with minimal upholstered furniture and metal touch to enhance the powder, soft tone palette. The gray grass green, Antique Rose and apricot colors contrast with the French washed walls, creating an ethereal sense of luxury. Brass finishes include floating nightstands and reading lights, and arched steel framed doors lead to private lounges. In the bathroom, the independent bathtub and mosaic tiles celebrate the bathing ceremony.






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