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  • 輕奢異國情調Proper精品度假酒店改造設計方案

    Proper精品酒店坐落在一個創意中心,距離高檔精品店,咖啡館,農貿市場和海灘僅幾步之遙,是鄰里生活方式的整體延伸。設施包括Ayurvedic水療中心,瑜伽和寬敞的屋頂游泳池。即將開業的是Proper的招牌餐廳Onda,這是當地備受尊敬的廚師Jessica Koslow和Gabriela Camara之間備受期待的合作。

    Located in a creative center just a few steps away from high-end boutiques, cafes, farmers' markets and beaches, the proper boutique hotel is an integral extension of the neighborhood lifestyle. Facilities include Ayurvedic spa, yoga and a spacious rooftop pool. The upcoming opening is the signature restaurant Onda of proper, a much anticipated collaboration between local respected chefs Jessica koslow and Gabriela camara.




    酒店前身是Santa Monica Professional大樓,由Arthur E. Harvey于1928年以西班牙復興風格設計,最初用于醫療套房。Howard Laks建筑事務所建造了一個與歷史建筑相協調的新結構,包含了271個房間的酒店。Proper精品度假酒店裝修設計體現了一種“更寬松”的奢侈,以一種既能吸引假日游客,又能吸引長期住客的方式,融入當地和周邊文化。

    The hotel, formerly known as the Santa Monica professional building, was designed by Arthur E. Harvey in 1928 in Spanish Renaissance style and was originally used for medical suites. Howard laks architects has built a new structure in harmony with the historic building, which contains 271 rooms. The decoration design of proper Boutique Resort Hotel reflects a kind of "more relaxed" luxury, which integrates into local and surrounding culture in a way that can attract both holiday tourists and long-term residents.




    由新興設計師克里斯·沃爾斯頓(Chris Wolston)設計的功能性赤土陶器和玻璃纖維椅子花瓶在接待處占據了重要位置,展示了一系列不斷變化的異國情調花卉。Wearstler的獨特材料和紋理的標志性風格被限制在中性色調內,包括瓷磚結構的柱子,抽象的,不規則的鑲木地板,以及木材或石灰華的過渡全高拱門。

    Functional laterite pottery and glass fiber chair vases, designed by emerging designer Chris wolston, occupy an important position in the reception area, displaying a range of ever-changing exotic flowers. Wearstler's signature style of unique materials and textures is limited to neutral tones, including tiled columns, abstract, irregular parquet flooring, and timber or travertine transition full height arches.





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